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SET of Iminera tailor's boards.

4 tailor's boards in set:
1 psc. Boar for press different seams and shapes of the garment.
1 psc. Shoulder for press sleeve caps and shoulder seams.
1 psc. Corset for ironing bra cups, corsets, and bodices, shaping small details, and pressing various elements.
1 psc. Bra for press bust darts, shape small details, and press various elements.


The core of the tailor's pressing hams is made of an eco-friendly elastic material. Advantages over wooden tailor's boards:


Lightweight: Shoe lasts with a polyurethane foam surface lighter compared to wooden ones, making them more convenient for use and transportation.


Minimization of Deformations: Polyurethane foam is less susceptible to moisture and temperature changes, reducing the likelihood of deformations and size alterations.


Professional Precision: The elastic surface of polyurethane foam can help tailors secure fabric with pins, ensuring greater accuracy in their work.


Durability: Polyurethane foam is more resistant to wear and deformation compared to wood. This can lead to a longer lifespan for the shoe last

SET Tailor's Boards Iminera

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